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Premium Chess’s Grand Masters include some of the world’s greatest chess players. With certified and official FIDE ratings members battle it out to become the top player in organized tournaments. Our anti-cheating technology ensures that all matches and tournaments are played with confidence in the security of the platform and that ratings of Grand Masters are protected by official FIDE rankings.

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IM Federico Manca

Federation: Italy FIDE title: International Master

He is an International Master, he has a long-standing experience in teaching which has been highly appreciated and taken in consideration by the Italian federation which has hired him as coach of the national team for the International Junior Championships.

GM Roberto Mogranzini

Federation: Italy FIDE title: Grand Master

He is an International Grandmaster since 2013, he has been Italian U16 champion in 1999 and with his team he won the Italian masters championship in 2008. He has a long-standing experience as trainer and at 2014 Chess Olympics he was the Ecuadorian women's team captain.

GM Fabien Libszewski

Federation: France FIDE title: Grand Master

GM Sriram Jha

Federation: India FIDE title: Grand Master

M Augusto Caruso

Federation: Italy FIDE title: FIDE Trainer

He has long- serving experience in teaching with a high specialization in training players with little experience. He is also very active in promoting chess in the schools. His abilities in commentating and explaining chess using a simple and easy-to-understand language have made him one of the most followed reporters of chess championships.

FM Nicolò Napoli

Federation: Italy FIDE title: FIDE Master

In 2012 the Italian Chess Federation awarded him as best instructor for his teaching activity held in 2011. Among his most significant experiences, certainly, conferences and lectures (in English) in collaboration with MSC CRUISE in South Africa (2008) and Florida (2009). Over the years he became head of the youth teams of Sicily (2007, 2009), Calabria (2008) and New York (2010).In 2013 he got the title of FIDE Trainer.

GM Julio Ernesto Granda Zuniga

Federation: Peru FIDE title: Grand Master

IM Renier Castellanos

Federation: Spain FIDE title: International Master

GM Oleg Korneev

Federation: Spain FIDE title: Grand Master

He is an International Grandmaster since 1995, year in which he joined the top 50 in the world ranking. His peak of ELO was reached in 2006 with 2671 points. He trained different Olympic teams such as the Angolan, the women's Italian and the women's Iranian teams. Since 2008 he has taught in the CajaCanarias (Tenerife- Spain) chess club. 

IM Olga Zimina

Federation: Italy FIDE title: International Master

She is an International Master who He represented Italy in all women's competitions of the last eight years. She was part of the winning team in the Italian championships of 2011, 2012 and 2013. She has a PhD in Pedagogy which has allowed her to improve her teaching abilities especially with very young players.

GM Aleksey Dreev

Federation: Russia FIDE title: Grand Master

IM/WGM Martha Fierro

Federation: Ecuador FIDE title: International Master / Woman Grand Master

FM Francesco Bentivegna

Federation: Italy FIDE title: FIDE Master

FIDE Instructor and Trainer, he is a Fide Master even though he has collected 4 norms of International Master (he is just waiting to achieve the 2400 ELO points). He has a various interests in the chess field, not just as player but also as coach and commentator during the 2009 Italian Championship.

GM Carlos Garcia Palermo

Federation: Italy FIDE title: Grand Master

Italian-Argentine chess Grandmaster, for several times he has been member of the Italian Olympic team. He was finalist in the World Championships twice. Captain of the Italian women's team at the Olympics in Dresden in 2008. He is also qualified as Fide Trainer.

FM Claudio Negrini

Federation: Italy FIDE title: FIDE Master

FM Maurizio Caposciutti

Federation: Italy FIDE title: FIDE Master

He is Fide Master since 1991 and he has collected two norms of international master. He is a Fide Trainer and due to the great experience in Italy and abroad in recent years he is now focusing in teaching chess to young players in the region of Tuscany, especially in Grosseto, with excellent results.

GM Danyyil Dvirnyy

Federation: Italy FIDE title: Grand Master

International Grandmaster since 2014, in 2011 he finished second at the Italian Championship  behind Fabiano Caruana, while in 2012 was on the podium finishing third. In 2013 he got his revenge by winning the Italian Chess Championship. He has been part of the Italian Olympic team for several times and he is a Fide Trainer too.

IM Andrea Stella

Federation: Italy FIDE title: International Master

He is an International Master since 2010, he won the Italian U20 chess championship in 2009. Always since 2009 he has started his career as instructor.

GM Arthur Kogan

Federation: Italy FIDE title: Grand Master

Professional trainer (next for being one of the most active chess players in the world!) for more than 15 years, among his chess students there have been European champion under 20 (now GM De Vrougt (Holland)),the European Champion(2008) U18 Xavi Villa, world champion under 16 (now already GM Gershon) ,French women champion and (WGM Marrie Sebag), the champion of Italy Elena Sedina,Gm's Thal Abergel and Nataf some of the strongest players of France, Manuel Palacios and Gavril Draghici-few times champions of Spain of chess for Blind.

GM Eduardo Iturrizaga

Federation: Venezuela FIDE title: Grand Master