Download the Online Arena Application

Apple macOS


Note for Windows users:
At setup start, it is possible that a screen will popup, saying that this is an unknown application. It is absolutely normal, and it happens every time a new application is released. To run the application, click on "More info": this will show the application author and a "Run anyway" button; by selecting the “Run anyway” button, the setup will start.

Note for Mac OS users:
If the setup does not start automatically on Safari, you have to: click on "Show Downloads" button on the top right corner of the Safari browser, locate the "setup-arena-mac.pkg" item in the list, and select "Show in Finder" (the magnifier lens button); open the .pkg file from the Finder.

Note for Linux users:
Download and unpack the  "setup-arena-linux.tar.gz".

How to open the application once it is installed:
Windows: select Start/Programs/Online Arena
Mac: select the OnlineArena icon from the installed application list (Finder / Applications / OnlineArena)
Linux: launch the file "OnlineArena" in the unpacked folder (by double-clicking or executing it)

The Online Arena application will be automatically updated.
Every time the application starts, it automatically checks for newer versions or updates, and installs them.