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Maurizio Caposciutti ItalyFSI online arena member since 05/01/2013


I believe online arenas represent a breath of fresh air for the international and national chess scene, and not only online but also over the board. The official arenas have a hugely positive impact as they allow you to train with Grandmasters and top instructors which is crucial for chess players of every level and age to improve their game. The playing platform is of superb quality and the anti-cheating protection ensures FIDE ratings are authentic which allows me to play with complete confidence in every game.

WGM Martha Fierro EcuadorFIDE online arena member since 07/08/2013


My experience with the Premium Chess FIDE online arena so far has been amazing. To be able to play with official FIDE ratings at home is fantastic especially for those rapid chess lovers. The graphics and customization of the boards and pieces is a great touch.

Jan Havlík Czech RepublicSSCR online arena member since 27/03/2012


This is my favorite chess platform. So far I’ve played more than 6,000 matches and competed in over 80 Premium tournaments. Since upgrading I have played and learnt from many Grand Masters which has helped my ranking go up significantly.

GM Danyyil Dvirnyy ItalyFSI online arena member since 09/10/2012


For me the most important thing is the anti-cheating monitoring technology. It means that no matter who I play, I can be sure that the game is fair. Given some of the unfortunate incidents in recent chess events it is critical for all chess players to be able to compete in a fair environment. This is truly an excellent new feature for chess.

Npandurang IndiaFIDE online arena since 18/11/2013

At last! An official FIDE rating system that you can trust. This is exactly what chess players around the world have been waiting for.

SimpleMiku AustraliaFIDE online arena since 11/08/2013

Beautiful setup and fast connections. It’s easy to find matches and enter tournaments with official ratings. Of all the chess websites Premium Chess is by far my favourite platform.

Qatara QatarFIDE online arena since 09/08/2013

Hi Premium Chess Arena Team. I want to thank you for this awesome application!

brahmaiah IndiaFIDE online arena since 15/08/2013

I have been playing chess for over 50 years and Premium Chess is the best online site I have ever used because it uses official FIDE ratings and makes sure no one can cheat in tournaments. Since becoming an FIDE online arena member I can play in top tournaments and against Grand Masters.

Eaglevision AustraliaFIDE online arena since 01/02/2014

Outstanding game-play.... Great job!

amateur73 AustriaFIDE online arena since 13/11/2013

WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?! I haven’t needed to play anywhere else since I started with Premium Chess.

Alllexiss GreeceFIDE online arena since 28/11/2013

It is a pleasure to play on here. Really smooth.

SauloCambraia BrasilFIDE online arena since 07/08/2013

I often compete in the FIDE arena and have never had a problem with any of the matches or tournaments. I would recommend Premium chess to anyone who truly values a system that prevents cheats and promoted fair play.

Bobanc MacedoniaFIDE online arena since 26/09/2013

Being able to play in official tournaments when it is difficult to travel is why I play on here the most.

Rajibmr IndiaFIDE online arena since 10/09/2013

Love it! Thank you.

gulliver USAFIDE online arena since 20/10/2013

This is by far one of the best places to chess online. 5 stars from me.